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Coastal Vacations Product Testimonials

Please don't take our word for it, take a few moments and read how
some Coastal Vacations members have enjoyed our remarkable travel and
vacation benefits!

Last Minute Savings

Just to let you know, I waited almost to the last moment to book
airline tickets to Dallas for Dani Johnson. I used my air travel
card in my package and got a fantastic rate! Online booking sites
could let me on from Houston to Dallas round trip for $250 because
of the short time notice. One airline offered $150, but with our
discount I got the trip for $89.60! That's what I call a deal!
Lynette, AL

...savings of over 50%!

My daughter who lives out of state came to town with a friend one
weekend in June. We just didn't have enough room in the house that
weekend, so I used my Quest discount card to find a hotel room. I
called the hotel first and requested a quote on a room. They quoted
$109 per night. I then called back using my Quest card and received
the same room for $50 per night! That is a savings of over 50%! I
booked this room 2 hours prior to the time my daughter checked in!
Thanks Coastal for providing such great last minute accommodation
savings! Renae H., MN


In May 2005, my husband and I used our "CRUISE AND STAY." We chose
to begin planning in February, however you can make your
reservation within about 45 days. This 4 day/3 night cruise on the
"Discovery Sun" was approximately 5 hours to Freeport, Bahamas
where we stayed at the Island Palm Hotel. We paid $296. for the
cruise portion. There was also a $50 processing fee to the vendor
(non refundable). We paid $15./pp/per night directly to the hotel
for the room taxes ($90 total). Our total trip was $526.
We did opt to include a meal voucher ($30/pp/per day--$180 extra)
which I did not feel was a good value. The meal selection was very
limited and was prepared and served at the outside pool area (with
tables under a pavilion).

The vendor offers hotel accommodations the night before you cruise
and the night you return since you return around 11 pm. The offer
was for $89 per night (plus taxes), however I decided to check on
hotels using my ACCESS card. The hotel we chose (Lauderdale by the
Sea) had a regular rate of $89 plus taxes, however we only paid $55
(plus taxes) for each night.

The cruise ship was not one of the lavish cruise liners, however
they had activities on board (which my husband won 2 of the
contests) and we met some very nice and fun people on our trip.
Please note that the Island Palms is not near a beach The hotel
does provide transportation to their "sister" hotel where we could
enjoy the tropical scenery on the beach.

We could have upgraded, however we both wanted to use this trip
"AS IS" which allows us to give a true testimony and know what
options would be available WHEN we travel there again! This vendor
was very easy to use as we could do all of our planning over the
phone! We saved approx. $280. including the hotel we booked using
the Access discount card.
Gloria, Level 2 Director (from Maryland)

Memories - Priceless!

Thanks to Coastal Vacations, I was able to help a terminally ill
father take his teenage daughter on her dream vacation to Maui.
Time was not a luxury the father had so we could not plan ahead and
take advantage of Coastal's complimentary vacation to Hawaii. So, I
did the next best thing and went to our Coastal member's web site
and found last minute lodging for them. I made arrangements for
them to stay eight days and seven nights at a luxury condo resort
with a private beach, 5 star restaurant and on a golf course for
only $445 (taxes included). The non-Coastal guests were paying $350
per night! This beautiful one bedroom condo was equipped with a
king size bed, two full baths, full kitchen, queen sleeper sofa,
washer/dryer and even maid service! This father and his daughter
called me from the resort (as they were watching the Fourth of July
firework display over the ocean) to thank me for making this dream
vacation possible for them. Cost of dream vacation lodging - $445.
Savings of $2,005 over retail. Memories - Priceless!
Julie D., Bossier City, La.

TOTAL BILL was ONLY $16.58

I When activating my very first 3 day/2 night "complimentary
vacation" from the travel package, I was a bit nervous about what
to expect. I ordered an "Orlando" vacation several months earlier
and although this vendor requested a 45 day notice, I decided only
30 days prior to attending the Coastal Seminar in March 2005, that
I would like to see "how this package worked." I was also hoping I
could "extend" my hotel stay for an extra day and expected to pay
whatever the additional night's rate was. Since I had asked another
Coastal associate to join me in experiencing the benefits of using
the package, I was hoping our experience would be pleasurable. I
had to check in first at a "welcome center" where I got the
accommodation information. We were thrilled to find out that we
would be staying at the Wingate Inn Universal (Orlando). Our guest
room included free in-room amenities such as high-speed internet
access, cordless phone and 2-line speaker phone with dataport,
conference call and voice mail ability, coffee maker, iron &
ironing board and safe. Although we did not use it, there was an
indoor fitness center with a whirlpool and 24-hour business center
that included a fax, copier and printer. There were several
restaurants very close by however we decided to enjoy the 'yummy,'
expanded, complimentary continental breakfast that is served from 6
AM - 10 AM daily. The voucher was extremely easy to use and the
vendor was very pleasant. There is a $24. (non-refundable)
processing fee. I will definately request this vacation again. Oh,
and for the BEST PART...the "normal" room rate for this time of
year was $109/per night, however when we checked out the TOTAL BILL
was ONLY $16.58 (and that even included the extra day)! Thank you
Gloria (from Maryland) & Catherine (From Delaware).

"We had the opportunity to test the Hotel Access Card..."

We were skeptical if our cards would work, and we had the
opportunity to test the Hotel Access Card when friends came down
from Canada. We met in Amarillo Texas. When I called for room rates
on the July 4th, long weekend, I was quoted $90 - $120 per night! I
gave my access number, and the desk lady said: "oh that'll be
$49.95 per night then." I thought "Wow this is great"! She also
said it would be cheaper if it was during the week! Anyway when we
got there, to my surprise we were charged only $39.95 per night and
including taxes it came to $45.99 each night! That was good, but
even better was that it included every morning was also a full
breakfast buffet! That was worth at least $30.00 or more. So our
whole weekend cost us only: $91.98 - $30.00 (minimum) = $61.98! The
hotel was wonderful and the pool and indoor courtyard were
spectacular! Thank you Coastal for a great weekend!
Jane F. , TX

"Thanks to Coastal, we received FREE Golf lessons"!

While surfing the website for our members of Access, I noticed FREE
golf lessons being offered at one of our local resorts. My 2
daughters and I headed off to Branson, Mo, checked in at the
Holiday Inn, using my access card ( $42.50 + tax @ 50% off, see
attach) , got up early and headed to our free golf lessons. (We
knew nothing about golf other than you hit a small ball into a
hole). We had our printed coupon from the internet and we were
introduced to the golf pro, Barry, and he taught us some basics
about golf swings. The lesson lasted about an hour and was
very informative. I've signed up for another lesson this Friday and
I'm taking my husband with me this time. We have always talked
about wanting to play golf but didn't know anyone willing to teach
us.Thanks to Coastal, we can learn how to Golf for FREE!
C. Evans, Mo

Investment Consultant:
We have been giving away Coastal Vacations to our friends,
customers and business partners. That has enhanced friendship,
improved the business relationship and increased the loyalty of our
customers. Robert I. B.C


We stayed at a $179 per/night room for ONLY $20!
Using one of our complimentary 3 day 2 night vacations in our
Coastal Package our family enjoyed a wonderful trip to Charleston
South Carolina. We stayed at the Hampton Inn in the Historic
District, which was convenient to everything we wanted to see and
do. Our room was $179 per night. But we only paid $10 per night for
our 2 children - for a total of just $20 for our entire stay. (The
complimentary vacations are typically for 2 adults, with just a
small charge if your children join you).We had a wonderful time!!!
Kathy B., S.C.


"I love Coastal Vacations. They are the Best."
"Just wanted to share my excitement about my upcoming cruise. My
sister, 2 of my brothers and their spouses and myself decided we
would like to take a cruise. We decided at the last minute which
usually makes the cost higher. I had my Coastal Vacation Cruise
card, but still wanted to compare prices. I checked the Internet
and called Travel Agencies and nothing could compare to the price
we got from Coastal Vacation . We will be leaving Port Canaveral on
May 22, 2005 going to the Bahamas. We will stop at Freeport then on
to Nassau then back to the states. It includes 5 days and 4 nights
on the Fantasy Cruise Ship with Luxury Oceanview Cabins, all the
food we can eat, entertainment, taxes and Port Fees. The Best part
is that the Travel Agencies quoted me a price of $1,100 to $1,300
per person for the same ship and everything, where Coastal
Vacation's price was $496.00 per person. This savings is great and
this alone nearly pays for my Level I package. My family could not
believe the savings. I am so excited about the cruise but more on
the money we all are saving. I love Coastal Vacations. They are the
Best." Jean L., KY


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