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The Coastal Vacations Call Center Closes Your Coastal Vacations Sales and Sends YOU The Commission Checks!

Before You Got Any Further...

Please Watch This 15-Minute Tour And Learn The Ins And Outs Of This Coastal Vacations Travel and Business Opportunity.

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Don't have the time to work another business?
Don't like selling?
Then you've come to the right place!

95% Of People In A Home Based Business Will Actually FAIL Because They Are Not Comfortable 'Selling'.

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Coastal Vacations is a top rated home based business in the wholesale travel club industry, with discount travel products of tremendous value, worth from $15,000-$40,000, but only sold for much less than that.

We market this product to others via a direct sales model, where one earns a commission of $1000 per sale on a very reasonably priced product. This is NOT MLM. What a fantastic commission!

But wait! Making $1000 per sale is great, but it gets even better! Read this...

Coastal Vacations has a unique training system: every new associate who receives the vacation membership package and wants to market it, must first pass up two training sales, of full value to their enrolling director.

Once those two sales are completed, you becomes a director and earn a great $1000-$6500 per direct sale.

Here's How It's Working for Dean in California

"My Business is on Remote Control.."
(4 minutes)

But why is that good?

Because every person that joins with you, whether YOU bring them into your business yourself, or whether they were given to you as a training sale, from one of your associates, trying to qualify, MUST PASS YOU their first two sales to become a Coastal Vacations Director. Each sale is worth $1000-$6500!

For example.... You sign up 2 people. They both need to bring you 2 sales each for a total of 4. Now, your business has 4 more people in it, and they want to qualify and become directors as well. They now need to get 2 sales each, and pass them to you to become directors. That is now 4 people, giving you 2 sales each, for a total of 8 more sales. And then on and on it goes potentially, in a perfect world, 8 becomes 16, which becomes 32, which becomes 64, and goes on indefinitely.

Bottom line is: Everyone gives you 2 sales

Now here comes the good part:

YOU MAKE a MINIMUM $1,000 Commission on EACH sale of a vacation membership but...

You don't want to sell or maybe you don't have the time to run another business. Here's the PERFECT HOME BUSINESS SOLUTION:
The Coastal Vacations Webinar Closing System!

This is how it works:

Send all your qualified prospects to us and we will show them an amazing webinar presentation and get them closed for you!

You don’t have to ask for the money, we will get the sales closed for you and you will get a check of $1000-$9705 from each sale!

We will also provide you a special discounted price on professionally and beautifully designed advertising materials which you can use to jump start your business. There's no need to create your own material to get started.

Now, if you can follow these simple steps, and use the power of the 2-Up compensation plan, you will have the strongest opportunity to have your team pass you up 2 training sales…the way it was designed to work… and ALL you have to do is advertise.

Compare Business Plan "A" and Business Plan "B":

Coastal Vacations Business Plan "A"

You can make $1000 a day, we show you multiple ways how to advertise, we tell you what to say with scripts, we show you how to follow up, what to say, and we show you how to chase leads, and then how to close the sales. Yes, it's a lot of work, but remember, you make $1000 on every sale. You get your 2 ups, when your people do the work, and since 95% don't that means you only get a few 2 ups if any, because you are PEOPLE DEPENDENT. (In other words, we are telling people that we are going to turn them into salespeople - remember, 95% of people DO NOT LIKE TO SELL!)


Coastal Vacations Business Plan "B"

You can make $1000 a day, we show you how to advertise - in fact, we'll even jumpstart your business by providing you over $500 worth of advertising tools for you to use, plus offer tips and training system for you, so you can learn how place your own ads.

Then WE will show your prospects an incredible webinar presentation and WE WILL CLOSE THE SALES for you!

Every time we close the sales for you, a $1000 profit is earned, but remember to show your new associate how to do some simple advertising to encourage and motivate your new associate, to duplicate the 2 up process by placing ads on and offline - PERPETUAL 2 Ups Possible!

9.9 out of 10 will choose Business Plan "B"!

People in Coastal Vacations have been trying to create systems to FACILITATE the selling process.


Because, again, 95% of people don't like to sell, don't know how to sell, or simply aren't comfortable with selling. But, these systems can only take you so far. Ultimately, they still have to talk to people and close the sale if they want to make money.

Are You Already a Coastal Director But Want to Use the Webinar Closing System? You Will Need to Start Over as a Coastal Associate

If you already are a member in Coastal as a director then you will need to start over within our system. That does not mean you will need to re qualify as a director under Coastal, since you already are one, but it does mean you will need to re qualify within the call center computer system to make it work mathematically. Because you are expected to pass your two sales according to the rules of the system.

I do adamantly recommend associates, already in someone else's downline do not jump or abandon ship with that director. Keep your positions, get qualified first and give your 2 sales to your director, don't use our system until you have done so. I strongly advocate we keep people's organizations intact. Nor do I want to entice or remove those people from their original organizations.

So current Coastal members under this system will require two pass up training sales, and be required to start a new position in the call center.

If you don't feel comfortable doing this, and want to do your business the "Plan A" way, please, go right ahead and continue on that path. This is not for everyone, but then again, this might be exactly what you needed. Remember, YOU DO ALL the advertising, and get leads calling the call center and they will process clients for you. And they will do this for all your downlines too!

Again, even if you have been in Coastal for years or months, you must create a new position here and go through the process under this new account. Once that is done, and you have your two training sales done for you, by the call center, then it is open season, as this is when you want to push all your ads to the call center to allow them to close your sales for you and create multiple powerlines giving up their two sales to you!

Since you came to this website, you will be placed under and be working with us, Matt & Catherine Willis, as your directors. We belong to one of the most successful teams within the Coastal Vacations business, and have many marketing tools which we share with our group.

This new position will just be under my group, and not be related to any other positions you have under anyone else previously. Again, if you are not comfortable with this, please do not participate.

Why would people pay $2000 or more all over again to join the Coastal Webinar Closing System? Easy, just ask the many dozens of directors who have already done it in the last few months, and would do it over and over again, to make director and possible perpetual sales with the sales center doing almost all of the heavy lifting for you.

It is no wonder why hundreds of people have gotten started as they found out how truly automated and simple this business really is.

Keep in mind, though, his is not a "guaranteed sign ups" program, like many have seen and been burned with, this is different, unique, easy to duplicate & powerful.

Everyone will have different results, based on advertising. How you advertise is really the key. No two ads or sources will produce any equal results. You could not get ANY leads or you could get a lot of leads with your ad placement.

But you'll never know, unless you try and purchase a Coastal Vacations membership package immediately!

Call 770-995-0029now!

"The greatest thing in this world is not so much where we are, but in which direction we are moving."
-- Oliver Wendell Holmes

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