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Coastal Vacations and Coastal Vacations Call Center Frequently Asked Questions. Find Your Answers Here!

Coastal Vacations Business Questions:
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How does the Compensation Plan work?

Each person choosing to work Coastal Vacations as a business must complete 2 training sales before they are qualified and in a money making position for life. Those 2 sales are given to the director you joined with. For example... Let's say you purchase a Level I package. In order to become a Level I Director, you must first pass up two sales to the Director you joined with. After doing so, you become a qualified Level I Director FOR LIFE!

Now let's see what happens below after you make your first qualified sale....

YOU MAKE YOUR FIRST QUALIFIED SALE (Your 1st sale earns you $1,000.00)

YOUR FIRST SALE WANTS TO BECOME QUALIFIED SO THEY SEND 2 SALES TO YOU ( 1 x 2 = 2 Sales ) (Your 1st sale is now a qualified director and no longer sends you any sales - but leaves you two people behind for you - you just earned another $2,000.00)

THESE 2 PEOPLE WANT TO BECOME QUALIFIED SO THEY EACH SEND YOU 2 SALES ( 2 x 2 = 4 Sales ) (the last two people are now qualified directors and no longer send you any sales - but leave four people behind for you - you just earned another $4,000.00)

THESE 4 PEOPLE WANT TO BECOME QUALIFIED SO THEY EACH SEND YOU 2 SALES ( 4 x 2 = 8 Sales ) (the last 4 people are now qualified directors and no longer send you any sales - but leave 8 people behind for you - you just earned another $8,000.00)

THESE 8 PEOPLE WANT TO BECOME QUALIFIED SO THEY EACH SEND YOU 2 SALES ( 8 x 2 = 16 Sales ) (the last 8 people are now qualified directors and no longer send you any sales - but leave 16 people behind for you - you just earned another $16,000.00)

THESE 16 PEOPLE WANT TO BECOME QUALIFIED SO THEY EACH SEND YOU 2 SALES ( 16 x 2 = 32 Sales ) (the last 16 people are now qualified directors and no longer send you any sales - but leave 32 people behind for you - you just earned another $32,000.00)

And so on... This process never stops - it goes on forever.

This is all based off of your FIRST sale! All of these other sales are HANDED to you by the marketing efforts of the people looking to become qualified directors also!
Naturally, this example is for illustration purposes only. Not everyone who purchases a Coastal Vacations program will want to work this as a business opportunity. But it does demonstrate the true power of our compensation plan.

Now lets say you only made just 2 sales per month with the Level I package:

Two sales per month would total and extra $24,000.00 per year in your pocket and that's without any training sales. What would you do with an extra $24,000.00 per year?

But wait, lets say that half of the 24 people that joined Coastal with you (12) passed up 2 training sales to you. That's another $24,000 for a total of $48,000.00 per year and you didn't have to do anything 'extra' to receive that money. It was GIVEN to you!

On the Level II Premier package it gets even better! Keep reading...
Just 2 Premier packages sold per month would total $72,000.00 per year with no additional training sales. Half of the 24 (12) passing up additional training sales would total an additional $72,000.00 for a total of $144,000.00 in just one year! Goodbye rat race - hello freedom!

Again, these numbers are for illustration purpose only. There is no guarantee you will have these results as every individuals results are based upon there own efforts.

Why is this not MLM (Multi-Level Marketing)?

Different from MLM, Coastal is simply Direct Sales. MLM is a marketing system whereby a person builds a downline of distributors to sell a variety of products, and then splits the commissions throughout Multi-Levels. Most often in MLM, there are meetings to attend, monthly purchases required, and it usually takes a large downline in order to actually make a sizable income.

With Coastal, there are no monthly purchases, no hyped up meetings, and we don't split commissions. As a director, when you make a sale, it's ALL yours! Our commissions don't decrease on lower levels, and since they're so large, you can earn significant profit almost immediately. Another characteristic of MLM is that the company will most often hold your commission and pay you after a period of time (2 - 4 weeks). And in MLM, only about 5% make the money, the other 95% help them. With Coastal, you work for yourself, not for a company or an upline.

How can you give all this value for $1,295 and still make a $1,000 profit?

Coastal has been in business for many years and we have significant buying power. And it is also in the best interest of all resort properties to make sure their facilities are filled to capacity, both for appearances sake, and to cover their expenses.

Do I have to approach my family and friends?

No. However, most marketers become so enthused about this program, and the package itself, that they feel compelled to share it.

Do I have to quit my job?

No, many marketers continue their current employment until they reach the level of income they desire. Others choose to leave their profession sooner, so they can focus all of their efforts toward earning a faster return with Coastal. Obviously, this is a personal decision.

How much can I make and how fast can I start to make it?

You determine your level of income based on your efforts. Many begin earning 1-2 thousand dollars their very first week. You can begin immediately upon faxing your completed application to your director. Your advertising efforts will be the key to success to your Coastal business!

What is the product?

Our product is the lowest priced, most extensive vacation package on the market. Level 1 package is valued at over $15,000, but we sell it for only $1,295. Travel agents and other companies have been known to sell it for $2,500 - $3,500 and even more!
What if I don't have $1,295 right now?

You must ask yourself, "If I don't make an immediate financial change, where do I see myself in 2 months? Where will earning $1,000 to $9,705 or more a week put you in 2 months?

I never owned a business. How can I be successful?

Most of our clients were in a similar situation. You can do the same as they do, use the tools that are provided and direct people to these quality tools. Since the majority of people spend many hours each week working for an employer who collects the profits, you can apply a portion of that same effort to build your business by following our proven system and you'll receive far greater rewards.

How do I know this isn't a scam and shut down tomorrow?

All of the companies that you will be representing in this package are some of the most respected and ethical companies in the vacation and travel industry. Coastal only works with companies who are licensed and bonded, and most of the companies that you will be representing with this package have been in business for the past 15 to 25 years and handle million of client calls yearly. We welcome anyone to check out each of the companies we represent and see for themselves. Their long track records, filled with excellent customer service and the utmost integrity, will impress even the greatest skeptic.

Carnival Cruise Lines
Miami Florida ~ established over 25 years ago.
Alamo® Car Rental
Fort Lauderdale Florida ~ almost 30 years in business.
Quest International
Yakima Washington ~ Millions of members ~ 20 years in business.
Adventure Outdoor Resorts
Lakeland Florida ~ over 10 years in business.
Point Verde Beach Florida ~ almost 30 years in business.
Exchange Systems Plus
Ormond Beach Florida ~ over 10 years in business.
Pro Travel Solutions Inc.
Fort Lauderdale Florida ~ almost 35 years in business.
Access Development Corporation
Salt Lake City Utah ~ over 4 million members ~ almost 20 years in business.

Coastal Products Questions:
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How much does it cost?
Level 1 cost $1,295. You receive the fabulous Coastal Vacation package, click here to see packages details.

Level 2 (Premier) costs $3,995.00. You receive Level 1 package PLUS the Level 2 travel package which includes many International vacation offers. Click here for details.

Level 3 (Platinum) costs $11,000. You receive Level 1 and Level 2 PLUS the Level 3 travel package which includes the Universal Vacation Membership. Click here for details.

How much do I earn selling these packages?

The commissions are as follows:

Level 1 Package
Level 2 (Premier) Package
Level 3 (Platinum) Package


Note: Commission are paid to you once you are qualified. All must pass up the first two sales to become qualified. This is known as a 2up compensation plan.

Can I really earn good money with this?

YES! Coastal Directors are earning thousands of dollars selling Coastal. It is a HUGE seller! In fact, some directors are earning over $40,000 per month!

What do I receive?

With the Level 1 Package you receive over $15,000 worth of Vacations, over $30,000 worth of vacations for Level 2 package. View packages information here.

How can all this value in a Vacation Package, plus the Call Center cost only $1,295.00 wholesale?

First you have to understand how the Vacation & Travel Industry works. The price of a resort stay, cruise, or an airline ticket depends entirely upon projected capacities and vacancy rates. A resort rarely achieves 100% capacity, and empty rooms cost them money. Resorts will reduce the room rates and create special packages to attract guests to their resorts because people will always spend money on restaurants, bars, souvenir shops, and casinos. Another factor is that Coastal purchases in huge quantities.


Are these vacations genuine and how can they possibly sell such an expensive package for such an incredibly low price?

Absolutely genuine! Resorts as well as marketing companies have been selling similar vacation packages for 25 years and generally selling them at much high prices. Nearly all hotels, resorts, cruise lines, etc. have vacancies on an ongoing basis. They find that participating in Vacation Package programs is a viable form of "advertising" to bring in guests who obviously then spend money in their restaurants, bars, shops, etc. Then, these trips have long been a mainstay for several agents. Today many savvy travelers use promotional packages such as this for their vacations savings thousands of dollars each year.

Are there expiration dates on the various offers?

Your first two vacation certificates that come with your package are good for one year. All your other free vacations are good for one year after the date you mail in the voucher to activate that particular vacation. The 20 travel discount membership cards can be renewed as a group for only $89.95 per year. This is less than $5.00 per card with more to be added. Many regular cardholders pay from $50 to $199 a year to renew a single card. None of our clients take 20 plus vacations with 5 cruises each year. By activating each vacation when you're ready, you can take every vacation at your leisure. And your 20 plus bonus vacations are still valid even if you choose not to renew the membership cards.

Are the individual vacations and airline discount coupons transferable?

YES!! Rarely will you find Transferable as an option in the travel industry. But we've got you covered! Most families simply do not have the time to take advantage of the wide array of great vacations in this package. So why not use the ones you want and share the rest with family and friends. The membership cards (issued in your name) are not transferable.

How far in advance must we make our reservations?

Plan ahead as you would any major vacation, choosing several preferred time periods. Through your club membership you will also have access to "shorter notice" trips (if they are not sold out) at huge discounts for cruises, vacations and condos worldwide.

Are there any restrictions on when we can travel?

Generally speaking, the vacation packages will not be available during the heaviest peak seasons and during the major holidays. Some providers might ask you to submit three choices as to when you want to travel - and they'll nearly always accommodate you. However, with so many available destinations, you should be able to travel almost any time you wish.

With such great bargains can I resell some of these individual vacations?

No. These are promotional vacations and are not to be individually re-sold. But you can give them away to others. You might even donate a vacation to a non-profit organization or school raffle. If you own a business, reward your best employees. Or use some of the vacations as incentives to increase sales of big-ticket items.

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