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Who are Matt & Catherine Willis? Read Their Story Below

Wow! We are just so excited that you are here! This is the most incredible business opportunity we feel that is out there and we thank you for taking the time to explore this opportunity and find out more about who we are.

My name is Matt Willis. My wife Catherine and I were looking for a business opportunity that was real, legitimate, and that would give us the income level that we were pursuing. We found all of these characteristics in Coastal Vacations. We are a married couple with a baby on the way living in Atlanta, GA. I was born in Columbus, GA and my wife was born in Santiago, Dominican Republic.

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Some of the things that we like to do: Catherine likes crafts, church, loves to be with her family and loves to travel. I love sports, particularly baseball and football. I also like going to church, reading books (enjoy getting knowledge), I also enjoy hunting and love to travel the world.

We both have a real love for God, Jesus is our best friend, we pray together every morning and go to church every week.

I was invited to start ministering at the age of 17. I've traveled preaching and winning souls for Christ. I’ve also led and organized a pastors' luncheon with 36 pastors, the mayor, the president of the Counsel, and the police chief of the city of Birmingham, AL a few years ago with great success.

My dreams are to open up orphanages all over the world. I can’t imagine what it’s like to not have the love and security that all children need. I’d also like to write a book on relationships and share my knowledge with others.

To tell you a little bit about my business background, I have been in sales for over 17 years from starting my own company at the age of 16 to selling Jet aircraft for a living.

There have been very few good opportunities that I have found in the home-based business arena that I wanted to pour my life into until I was introduced to Coastal Vacations.

I have always said in order to have great success you have to have a great product. I am currently representing a luxury log home company and was awarded the top sales rep. in the nation in the year 2000, so when it come to nice products, I sure know what that means. In saying that, this Coastal Vacations package is far more than your mind can even imagine!

I learn things everyday in this business that blows me away on the value of what we get in our packages. We use our Coastal Vacations package at least once a week. There's not a week when we don't save some money on hotels, entertainment, or dining in our own area and wherever we are! We have also been able to give away many vacations and cruises to our friends and family and they are just blown away by the gifts each time, and on top of that we get the great income with our Coastal Vacations business!

So, if you are thinking about representing the best home-based business opportunity out there, Coastal Vacations is absolutely it!

In closing – talking about closing- let me tell you something: we have people, professional sharp shooters to close our sales. Not only close our sales, to follow up, and to send out the product. If that’s not awesome, I don’t know what is!

So come on board with us, we will be honored to help you achieve the success with Coastal that we know you can achieve!

Matt & Catherine Willis

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